maandag 18 juli 2005

Paul's Nieuwe!!!! Wordt dit 'm??????

Here is the information and track listing on the new Paul McCartney CD, “KAOS AND CREATION IN THE BACKYARD”:

Produced by Paul McCartney and Nigel Godrich
Recorded at Ocean Way/LA, Abbey Road/London
and The Mill/Sussex.
Orchestrations by Nigel Godrich
Release date: September 13th, 2005
Track listing:

  1. “Fine Line” (3:02) - The first single. Great uptempo piano-based track. Lyrics include ‘C’mon brother...all is forgiven..’
  2. “How Kind Of You” (4:46) - Slow, dreamy track with pretty chords and instrumental passes. Ending is a bit Radiohead-like.
  3. “Jenny Wren” (3:46) - Classic Macca acoustic guitar and vocal track. Interesting sound in solo - perhaps a japanese-style guitar.
  4. “At The Mercy” (2:37) - Nice track with strings and some very nice diminished chords. Almost a 10cc-ish chord progression in spots. Some lyrics include ‘at the mercy of a busy day, we can think of nothing more to say.’
  5. “Friends To Go” (2:43) - Song starts off sparse and builds throughout. Great Macca piano work. Lyrics include ‘I’ll be waiting on the other side for your friends to go.’
  6. “English Tea” (2:11) - Awesome track that would not sound out of place on ‘Revolver.’ A string quartet starts the song off. Lyrics include ‘miles and miles of english garden’, ‘lines of hollyhocks and roses’ and, ‘every Sunday morning.’
  7. “Too Much Rain” (3:24) - Another standout track. Lots of acoustic guitar and piano. Nice accent on the title phrase, and nice 7th chords on title.
  8. “A Certain Sadness” (2:45) - Interesting song, sort of a musical departure for Paul. Almost latin/cha-cha in beat. Pretty piano and guitar licks.
  9. “Riding to Vanity Fair” (5:06) - This is a song directly and angrily pointed at Heather, written after her not so Paul-friendly interview in VANITY FAIR. Direct and to the point. Lyrics like ‘you put me down’ and ‘now that you don’t need my help, I’ll take the time to think about myself’. Ouch!
  10. “Follow Me” (2:31) - Great track that was premiered at the Glastonbury Festival in 2004. Solo version is arranged much like live band version, maybe a wee bit slower.
  11. “Promise To You Girl” (3:09) - Brilliant track, very much in the ‘Flaming Pie’ vein, right down to the piano. Again, some 10cc-sounding harmonies.
  12. “This Never Happened Before” (3:24) - Textbook McCartney ballad, with a soft drum machine backing and gorgeous melody. This may appear in a movie in the not too distant future. Some lyrics include ‘I’m very sure this never happened before.’
  13. “Anyway” (3:49) - Beautiful melody with sweeping harmonies. After the track ends, there is about :30 silence, then...the hidden track appears...
  14. HIDDEN TRACK - “I’ve Only Got Two Hands” (3:00) - A fascinating instrumental that really highlights Paul’s fine piano work. The song completely changes tempo and melody about 1:00 in, then changes again towards the end to some backwards ‘Strawberry Fields”-like sounds.

2 opmerkingen:

Gerard Booijink zei

Ik wist niet dat je een fan van Paul bent. Ik wist ook niet dat je en weblog had. Wat leuk. Ik ben o.a. een Beatle fan, (ben ook ook veel ouder dan jij) dus automatisch ook van Paul. Hij maakt nog steeds fantastische muziek en ik ben benieuwd naar zijn laatste kunstje.

Antoon zei

Ja een behoorlijke fan. Heb nagenoeg alles van hem. Voorzover het mogelijk is want er is zoveel materiaal, onbetaalbaar.
Vaak vind ik zijn b-kanten mooier dan zijn bekendere werk. En daarnaast blijft hij een relatief gewone 'oude' gozer.